In our endeavor, we also focus on continuity as well as constantly exploring the world of materials and production methods. As inheritors of these fine crafts, it is our responsibility make certain to provide equally suitable outlets for them and to ensure their succeeding continuity with artistic integrity. Thanks to the highest traditions or artisanal skills, combined with the most developed technology, our exclusive production methods create uniquely original pieces. We also apply those skills towards custom made, as well as providing maintenance guides for the care and the long-term use of our products.

Our craft is a point of contact between skill and art. A craftsmen's skill meets the art of that era, and a new product is born. OKANO artisans require exceptional skill and sensitivity, and are reviewed rigorously to make sure that their “story” is being made (told). For traditional products, it is not permissible to do otherwise.

We strive to create in collaboration with Okano craftsmen and other Artists, as we will always look to explore new expressions through dyeing and weaving. And, what is created is made available as one only Masterpieces, or very limited Master Works, or as limited edition creations and also as more readily available goods.

we'll let you know as soon as information of new products and events come in.